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Mt. Everest (8848.86m) is the world’s highest mountain and remains the greatest challenge and a perpetual natural wonder for mountaineers and trekkers alike. It is located in the Mahalangur Himal, sub-range of the Himalayas in the Eastern part of Nepal. It is commonly popular as Sagarmatha in Nepali, Chomolungma in Tibetan and Sherpa language and Zhumulangma in Chinese. Everest also shares its border with Tibet/China. However, top of Everest is officially declared to be located in Nepal side according to treaty between Nepal and China. Longitude and latitude of Mt. Everest are 27°59′17″N and 86°55′31″E respectively.

Before 1865, Everest was popular as Peak XV for the westerner. Royal Geographical Society under British India government conducted Great Trigonometric Survey in 1856 to find out the real height of Peak XV using available scientific technologies at that period. Trigonometric survey of 1865 was led by Sir George Everest, so peak XV was renamed later as Mt. Everest to honor his great efforts despite his objection.The current official altitude of 8848 m (29029 ft), recognized by both Nepal and China governments, was absolutely based on Indian Survey of 1955 and its subsequent Chinese survey made in 1975.

While talking about mountaineering there is no doubt that Mt. Everest comes first in everybody’s mind. Everest is a bucket list for many of us since our childhood. Climbing Mt. Everest and reaching on its top is a dream of every serious climber, and they are ready to sacrifice a lot of time and money to succeed their dream. There were several attempts made to conquer Mt. Everest by different expedition teams before it was successfully climbed in 1953. The first successful attempt of Mt. Everest was made by Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay on 29 May, 1953 via the South route that lies in Nepal side. Since then many people have been putting their efforts to achieve the same goal. Not all of them have been able to summit because of their own weakness and unfavorable weather condition. This trip suits for those who have extensive mountaineering knowledge and climbing experience of 7000 m or higher.

Everest expedition from Nepal side (Southern route)  has remained as the most preferred route for Everest climbing because of higher success rate than Northern route. If you are among the mountaineering enthusiasts, preparing for a long period and serious to climb Mt. Everest then your only choice should be Nepal Environmental Treks & Expedition. We are a Nepal based mountaineering company having three decades of experience exclusively on mountaineering. Many renowned mountaineering personalities have used our services and fulfilled their dream into reality. We have expert climbing team for Everest and other 8000 meters mountains expedition.

Climbing Everest is not an easy task so it has to be prepared well before climbers head to Everest. Climbers are expected to have great stamina and special training to get used to with harsh conditions such as low oxygen level and freezing temperatures. It is good to remember that the most difficulties arise at the “death zone” after 8 000 meters above the sea level. Body has to cope with lack of oxygen that may end up with deadly experiences like strokes, heart attacks or severe acute altitude sickness at a place where immediate rescue is impossible. Nonetheless, every year many people have been climbing Mt. Everest to prove themselves that they are able to do it. Summit of Mt. Everest is undoubtedly a remarkable achievement one can rarely achieve in their life. To achieve this goal, one has to make sure that itinerary is well prepared and there is enough acclimatization to adjust your body with altitude. Acclimatization helps to produce more hemoglobin that carries oxygen from lung to various parts of body preventing it from dying. Another crucial point for any successful expedition is your climbing guide and other Base Camp crews to ensure safety and remain in good health throughout the entire expedition. Our Everest expedition team is a trustworthy and reliable enough to ensure all these conditions for organizing Mt. Everest expedition at your own pace.

Our Everest expedition package is 62 days long program that can be segmented into 3 parts. First part consists journey up to Everest Base Camp, second part is the main part of expedition that includes summit of Everest and third part includes your return from Base Camp to Kathmandu. Climbing part is segmented into 4 sections and that include Camp I at 6,065 m, where we will see Khumbu glacier.  From Khumbu Glacier, it around 450 m north-east on a gradual slope to Camp II at 6,500 m and around 610 m to Camp III at 7,200 m. Camp III is located at the head of Lhotse. After this point, you will need oxygen cylinder. Camp IV is located at 7,910 m after just crossing 8000 m elevations. This point is already described above as the Death Zone.

It is our great pleasure to share with you that Nepal Environmental Treks & Expedition is fully authorized and capable to organize all type of expedition in the Himalayas. No foreign companies are allowed to make Everest climbing permit, so such foreign companies are also rely on Nepali operator to make permit and arrange other ground services. Therefore, it is worth to avoid any intermediary and securing professional arrangements for Mt. Everest expedition by contacting us directly.


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